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Welcome to the APjE Webstore. Here we sell a wide range of items including website templates, images to PHP scripts.

The APjE Webstore has been created to sell designs, scripts and software designed by the APjE team, as well as other companies or charities which have partnered up with us and sell through our selling system.

'Whats the price? You decide!'
Huraagh! The new pricing option is now here. On particular products you set the price that you are happy to pay; however you must pay a minimum price to cover all costs. So you pay what you think it is worth, no disputes, no waiting for it to be accepted. As long as it is above the minimum price our system will add it to your shopping basket and you can check out or even add more products! There is no minimum or maximum purchases with this pricing option. If you purchase multiple of one product each appears as a different product so you can set different prices!

Pay for 'Whats the price? You decide!' with PayPal

Currently only avaliable for templates and scripts more areas being added to the pricing option soon

How Much? You Decide! - Coming Soon
Subject to minimum price to cover payment processing


Some of our products are now avaliable using TrialPay. TrialPay is a system where you can buy another product and get one of ours completly free as the other company you buy from pays us directly. So you get 2 items for 1! Just look out for the Buy with TrialPay buttons by products to take advantage of this great offer!